Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Daily Lenten Post, Day 19

Seriously, parts of Acts read like some episode of Law & Order, or something...(well, I've never really watched Law & Order, but I have watched several detective shows that my husband likes, such as Forever and Backstrom...)

Acts 25:1-12--Paul appeals to Caesar
Here's what I thought as I read verses 1-10: "What is wrong with these people?? Why does truth not matter to either Paul's accusers or to Festus?? This must be how people feel who end up at the wrong place at the wrong time and can never prove their innocence to a system that considers them guilty by default, for whatever reason. We shouldn't be surprised that our justice system seems so messed up sometimes--it's based on the Roman system, that appears not to have worked very fairly, either--even for Paul, a Roman citizen!"

It's interesting that in verse 12 Paul is granted the opportunity to appear before Caesar because I wonder why he would want to do that. Is there any reason to think he will be treated fairly or listened to there??

Acts 25:13-27--King Agrippa informed about Paul
When Felix speaks to Agrippa, at least he gives a pretty fair and decent account of the situation. I wonder why Agrippa wanted to hear from Paul. It's good that Felix says he can't come up with anything good to charge Paul with, but it's pretty pathetic that he's already been treated so poorly when there is nothing to charge him with!

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