Thursday, March 12, 2015

Daily Lenten Post--Day 20 (Half way! Half way! Woohoo!)

Acts 26--Paul's defense before Agrippa
I wonder how much of Paul's story Agrippa knew or even cared about. Paul thought he would be sympathetic, so maybe he was. His response to Paul in verse 32 makes it seem like he might be willing to listen and change his mind, but he could be sarcastic, too. It's hard to say...

In verses 9-11, we learn more about Paul's persecution of Christians, and it sounds really serious. I guess that's not really surprising. It's no wonder that some Jews/Christians didn't believe his change of heart and lots of them didn't like it.

The account of Paul's conversion in verses 12-19 has some small changes from the other accounts of it. He gets a direct commission from Jesus here, which he hasn't mentioned before (verses 16-18). Interesting...

Festus really makes himself look like a fool by calling Paul crazy in verse 24. He should really learn to keep his mouth shut.

This passage's ending doesn't sound good for Paul. If Agrippa really doesn't think there's a reason to keep Paul incarcerated, does it matter that much that he's asked to see Caesar? Caesar doesn't have to know about it...

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