Sunday, March 15, 2015

Daily Lenten Post, Day 22 (A Day Late)

Yesterday was not a restful day in my life. Today wasn't, either, but it's Sunday, so that's pretty normal. Anyway, here's all I have to post from yesterday, and I will be taking today off from a new post. Back on track tomorrow...

Acts 28:1-10--On the island of Malta
I've been reading a lot about snakes in the Bible this week, oddly enough. This story fits right in with what I've read about for my sermon, since it's about snakes. It's kind of interesting and crazy how many stories of snakes there are, and this one is no exception. Paul gets bitten and doesn't get sick, so the people go from believing he must be a murderer to thinking he's a god--that's a bit much! After that, Paul heals all the people on the island that come to him. That's pretty cool. Then the people give them everything they need to finish their voyage, which I guess included a ship or a boat of some sort. That's a lot of stuff! We'll finish up the voyage next time...

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