Monday, March 16, 2015

Daily Lenten Post, Day 23?

Acts 28:11-16--Paul makes it to Rome
This is some interesting travelogue information, which is maybe not what we expect to find in scripture. I'm more familiar with Italy than the other places Paul has been, so some of these place names have meaning to me. It's strange that Paul gets to stay somewhere by himself, when it seems like he was in custody back in Jerusalem and Caesarea. My study Bible says it's because of his status as a Roman citizen--at least that finally got him some good treatment, right?!

Acts 28:17-28--Paul meets Jewish leaders in Rome
In verses 17-20, I wonder if this is a strategic speech, or if Paul is just trying to convert people, or something else.

Again, we have Paul teaching and testifying for a long period of time, in verse 23, like he did earlier on, even though that was all night, not all day. Paul had some serious focus and stamina. As usual, some believed and some didn't, so Paul told them the Gentiles receive salvation even though Jews won't all listen. I wonder how they responded to that, but the writer doesn't say.

Verses 30-31 end the book, kind of abruptly. What's the rest of the story? Did Paul ever get to see Caesar? Nero was a pretty bad guy, so we might not expect that that went well.

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