Sunday, March 8, 2015

Third Sunday in Lent

Just a short little note for today...since it's Sunday...

Acts 22:1-29--Paul's defense
As Paul defends himself in front of the crowd in Jerusalem, most of what he says in verses 1-16 is recounting his conversion experience on the road to Damascus. Interestingly, in verse 9 he says that the people traveling with him saw the light but didn't hear the voice, which is the opposite of what it says in Acts 9, my study Bible points out. Paul gives some new information in verses 17-21, about a vision he had in the temple, which is pretty interesting. I wonder why we haven't read about this before in Acts.

As Paul concludes, the crowd does what we read about so often--they get violent and crazy and just about take care of Paul themselves. The officials get ready to start beating Paul before asking any questions until, uh-oh, Paul points out that he's a Roman citizen (v. 25). Oops! Why does this keep happening?! I wonder what news coverage of these events would look like today...something to think about...

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