Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Daily Lenten Post, Day 31

Daniel 5:17-30--Daniel interprets the writing
Daniel was fairly polite to Nebuchadnezzar, but he really gives Belshazzar the what-for here! Isn't it interesting that the prophets almost always had to confront pride, in one form or another, from one person or group or another? I guess that tells us something about humanity, not just people in the ancient near east.

I never realized that the saying, "You've been weighed and found lacking," or however you might say verse 27, is actually from the Bible (or I had forgotten that). I guess it does sound like a serious statement, but I didn't know how serious it was.

It seems very odd that Belshazzar gets told that he is going to lose his kingdom, and he still gives Daniel stuff and status. You would think if he knew anything about Nebuchadnezzar's story, he would have learned a lesson from that and would have repented and given honor to God. Instead, he doesn't really have time to figure it out after Daniel tells him what will happen because it does happen, that night! Talk about your quick consequences!

Daniel 6:1-9--Plot against Daniel
I'm confused about why Darius and Cyrus are conflated in the book of Daniel--my study Bible says that they are, at least. I thought that Cyrus was supposed to be a good king, but maybe I'm thinking of the wrong Cyrus. Maybe I need to refresh some of my Old Testament history...

This plot against Daniel seems pretty familiar--other people in the king's court get jealous of Daniel and they plot to get him killed. Religion is the only thing they can use to get him in trouble, which is pretty sad. Well, I guess it's not the only thing. They exploit the king's vanity and get him to sign an edict that will eventually get Daniel in trouble. It sounds a lot like the book of Esther. Actually, thus far, Daniel and Esther have several similarities. Why does someone in the foreign king's court always have it out for the Jewish person at court? It makes for some pretty interesting and intriguing stories, at least. What exciting thing will happen next?? Oh, yeah--the lion's den!

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