Sunday, March 1, 2015

Second Sunday in Lent

For today, we're back to Acts. This one is short, but hey, Sunday posts are bonus posts, right?

Acts 17:1-15
After reading verses 5-9, I have some serious misgivings about law and order in that society! The Jews found some thugs, and when they couldn't find Paul and Silas at the house where they'd been staying, they just made trouble for the homeowner and his family and got them arrested. What??!

So Paul and Silas headed on to Beroea, and at least things went slightly better there...until some jerks from Thessalonica showed up and stirred up trouble all over again. I really think they should have had something better to do.

That's a question I have a lot in the book of Acts. It seems like the "bad guys" spend a lot of time just following Paul and his companions around and trying to get rid of them. I guess that shouldn't be too surprising, though. After all, that's pretty much what Paul was up to when he was still called Saul, wasn't it? He spent so much time and energy searching for and persecuting people who were followers of The Way, that he was really well known for it. It's ironic how the tables have turned, eh?

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