Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Daily Lenten Post, Day 30

Well, I was just about to sit down and watch some TV before going to bed, and then I remembered that I hadn't written a blog post for today yet! Argh! I don't forget to read and to take notes...I just forget to type it all here! Anyway, here's what I have for today...

Daniel 5:1-16--Belshazzar's party and Writing on the Wall
I don't know much about this Belshazzar guy, and it's kind of weird that he just shows up after we have these stories about Nebuchadnezzar, but you'd think that any guy who knows anything about any "gods" would know that something bad is going to happen when you take the stuff from one god's temple and use it to party. Of course, when that god happens to be THE God of the universe, you're kind of a little more in trouble than other gods. But then, he's had a lot to drink, so we could just give him a pass, right? Ha! Silly, silly people--partying with God's stuff!

But then, a random hand appears and writes on the wall. The king sounds a lot like Nebuchadnezzar then, when he just wants anyone to interpret the writing. He says, "If anyone can figure this out, I'll give them stuff." Then he gets really scared--scared sober, I guess! ;)

It seems weird that the queen shows up after that, but my study Bible says maybe she's the king's mother or grandmother. I guess it makes sense that she wouldn't be partying with the king and all his wives, etc. I kind of like that she's sort of the voice of reason here. All kinds of people in the royal court are all kinds of not very smart, but the old woman comes in and knows what's up.

Finally, Daniel comes in and he can interpret the dream, just like the queen said he could, and it sounds just like with Nebuchadnezzar. I wonder if Daniel got tired of all of this ridiculousness. I wonder if he ever played pranks on them...probably not. He seems like a straight-laced kind of guy, which is probably a better way to represent God, but still...

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